Homogeneity of the lot The lots we use (300 kilos) donĂ­t differ in origin and rank.
Kind of silk: Unbleached silk 20/22 5/6A Zhejiang Cathaya.
Twist Organzines: the number of the optimum convolutions is 750-650.
Wefts: the number of the optimum convolutions is 250.
Toughness Organzines: not inferior to 3,5 g/den.
Wefts: not inferior to 3,2 g/den..
Elasticity Organzines: not inferior to the 16%.
Wefts: not inferior to the 18%
Hardness of the reels Dyeing: pure 45/50 shore degree;
number of twist: 40/45 shore degree.
Cop New length 230 mm. - Internal diameter 45 mm. - Trapezoidal holes.
Stocking Of textured polyester - the length is about 3,5 times the length of the cop.
Sopracarica Not superior to the 3% for wefts and organzines.
Not superior to the 6% for crespi.