1877 Birth

The firm was founded in 1877 by Mr. Giovanni Panizza. The small Factory located near Mandello del Lario would twist yarns of high quality silk fot third part costumers.

1951 New building

At the end of the forties, the heirs of the founder begann the construction of the new 4.000 building, making the Torcitura Giovanni Panizza, one of the best throwing firms in Italy for the working of the silk.

1969 New property

In 1965, after a little less than a year, the last member of the founding managers died and the firm was bought in 1969 by Mr. Alessandro Arcioni, who since 1953 cooperated already in the management of the firm. The current owner did all he could in order to uphold the name of the Torcitura Giovanni Panizza srl (spa in 1986), above all changing all the machinery, therefore planning the new enlargement, which was necessary for our increased production.

1998 Today

T.S.A. S.r.l current plant is 8.500 mq., employs 40 people and, after a process of total reorganization of the firm, twists actually about 200.000 kilos of silk and 250.000 kilos of synthetic fibers (viscose, acetate, cupro, nylon) primary for the italian market. The policy of expansion and quality, always a guiding light of the firm, has concentrated in the last years on synthetic fibers .

To remain competitive with the new easternEuropean country, we continue to expand and diverdify our production, which we began in the early 1990’s